This page is in loving memory of my mom " Betty "
  She passed away from Emphysema on July 14th , 1999.

            My mom was born on March 3 , 1931 in                                               Grand Island , Nebraska.

      I miss her so much , even now after almost 14 years.                                         
   There will always be an empty place inside me that                                              no one can fill.
        I have so many beautiful memories that  I shall                                                 cherish forever.

I am not very good with words , so I am putting a song on                                       here that says it all.
  It is a very beautiful song by " Josh Groban " called                                             "To Where You Are "

                                 I love you , Mom .

                     Who can say for certain
                      Maybe you're still here
                     I feel you all around me
                    Your memories so clear
                       Deep in the stillness
                      I can hear you speak
                   You're still an inspiration
                                Can it be 
                        That you are mine
                             Forever love
     And you are watching over me from up above
                    Fly me up to where you are
                       Beyond the distant star
                          I wish upon tonight
                           To see you smile
          If only for awhile to know you're there
                    A breath away's not far
                         To where you are
                    Are you gently sleeping
                     Here inside my dream
                    And isn't faith believing
                    All power can't be seen
                     As my heart holds you
                      Just one beat away
          I cherish all you gave me everyday
                       Cause you are mine
                             Forever love
               Watching me from up above
                            And I believe
                     That angels breathe
       And that love will live on and never leave
                                Fly me up
                          To where you are
                     Beyond the distant star
                         I wish upon tonight
                          To see you smile
                           If only for awhile
                        To know you're there
                       A breath away's not far
                           To where you are
                          I know you're there
                       A breath aways not far
                           To where you are

    Thank You so very much Renee for making this beautiful set .